A history of Arts For Life.

The formal education system does not meet the needs of all young people.  Whilst schooling in the UK is becoming more flexible, by definition, a school that must cater for 1500 students cannot give the time and support to those with the most difficulties. These young people often lack the basic personal skills to concentrate, plan and engage with the formal education system.  This in turn can lead to dissengement or conflict in the classroom disrupting the learning of all involved.

Arts for life was set up in 2006 to offer these young people the support and opportunities they need to build the personal qualities and self confidence to engage in formal education.  The first Arts for Life programme was run with St Matthias Pupil Referral unit and 10 young people put together a film about the consequences of a criminal life.  Since then, Arts for Life has gone from strength to strength working with young people from over 15 secondary schools in the area.

Over the past year the Arts For Life programme has expanded to offer a wider range of services to young people. Arts For Life seeks to reach young people from all walks of life enabling them to reach their full potential through the arts. From school referral alternative education programmes to professional extra-curricular tutorials and creative career advice, Arts for Life has something for everyone.

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