Many children and young people in Bristol face a Christmas without food, warmth or love. Your kindness today could mean a delicious warm meal at a youth club, a special party where new connections and trust are developed, as well as expert support that can lead to a happier Christmas and a better future.

As the nights draw in and the festive season approaches, the young people we work with are faced with great difficulties. Too many vulnerable children are increasingly isolated, unable to enjoy the magic of Christmas due to poverty, lack of food and money, mental health issues, increased alcohol or substance misuse at home or pressure to join gangs. 

Creative Youth Network's youth workers are here for these young people at this difficult time, being a shoulder to lean on or a trusting adult to talk to and get advice from. Our spaces are where young people come for safety, warmth and a listening ear, where a connection is forged and help is always found. 

Support our Christmas appeal and help a vulnerable child get the help they need for a brighter future.

Cassie's Story

When we started working with Cassie she had a history of self-harming and severe anxiety brought about by bullying at school. She was also withdrawn and thought she might be pregnant.

I was really nervous to meet with Tallulah, my Youth Worker at the start. I don’t like meeting new people and I get really anxious, but Tallulah really made me feel comfortable.

At first, I didn’t want to tell her that I’d been self-harming as I thought she might judge me. After a while I started to open up more and she got me to go along to this Girls Group where I made some new friends who I found I could be myself with. They also didn’t pressure me so I felt I could talk to them.

It was really nice to have a new group of friends and I found myself telling them things I wouldn’t normally tell my mum or my school mates. I decided to tell them I’d recently done a pregnancy test and that I was scared. It turned out I wasn’t pregnant, and Tallulah was able to talk me through what to do in a way that made me feel supported.

Also, because of our sessions I was able to share my experiences with my new friends from the Girls Group and, give them advice on consent. Things aren’t perfect at home or at school, but I now feel like I can cope better because I have help.

Cassie’s mum said:

Tallulah has been a life-line for us. I was so scared for Cassie. Now I have a different daughter who is happy again and even though we still have a long way to go, we have started talking about things again.

Together, we can change the lives of the children and young people that need us most. Join us this Christmas and make a donation to help young people like Cassie.

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