This International Women’s Day, we’re joining the call for #BalanceforBetter and working towards building a more equal world where young women can thrive and reach their potential. 

We all need role models growing up. We learn from the people around us, who enable us to discover what we’re good at, how to act in the world around us, what we deserve and what we should claim for ourselves.

The young people we work with often don’t have the privilege of these role models and they discover in youth workers real heroes.

Through our work, we always discover each individual young person has their specific needs and expectations. However, there are patterns that emerge.

A majority of the young women we work with have low confidence and struggle with their body image. We recently did a survey at Hanham Youth Club that showed 86% of young women weren't happy with the way they look, while 23% of young men wanted to change their appearance. 

Art articulates, punctuates and communicates, whilst giving a space for free thinking to express who you want to be and the world around you. By providing high quality creative opportunities we enable young people to express themselves and feel empowered.

Our creative and youth work team 

We have found that our balanced teams produce better work and our gender-balanced leadership makes better decisions. We are proud that 60% of our staff are women, including representation in management positions. 

Our staff needs to be diverse to represent young women and to truly empower them. From creative youth workers, to our management, we stand up for equality and a more balanced world, where gender oppression is fought against.

So this International Women’s Day, we’ve asked our youth workers and staff: What will you do to build a more inclusive, gender-balanced world?

We will enable young women to reach their potential

We will challenge stereotypes and bias

We will be positive role models for young women

We will support and encourage young women

We will empower young women to follow their ambitions

We will celebrate young women’s achievements

We will empower young women to grow their confidence

We will encourage young women towards body positivity

Find out how you can support our work this International Women’s Day, to help us celebrate the women of tomorrow, and invest in their future.