It’s the end of the world, a group of Bristol based young people have worked together to create an album that reflects the end of time. 

The album can be downloaded and played on Spotify and iTunes: 

Over three months, we've been working with a steering group of talented young people to produce an album and perform new music which is now being released and available to download on Spotify and iTunes. 

Performing live at The End of The World (Cabaret), the young artists were inspired and their enthusiasm and hard work has led to the release of It's Happening. 


The album features 10 emerging musicians who are attempting to express their creativity through music. Having recorded and produced their album independently it’s now ready for you, the public to hear it. Aged 15 to 21 these young people represent new music coming out of Bristol.

Our aim was to explore what ‘the end of the world’ would mean to us as young people, from our thoughts on society to what we love about the world. 

- Beth, aged 16, project participant and steering group member

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