For Youth Work Week 2018, we are celebrating the unsung heroes of communities: youth workers. Kayla tells us what a day in her life is:

I am Kayla, I love to do gymnastics and be in school. I have brown eyes, fair brown hair and skin that shows a combination of Liverpool and Jamaica. I love making friends and trying new things, I’ve been like this my whole life.

I was brought up around boys, 5 brothers in total, so I had to adapt. I liked cars and combat figures because I had to. Not forgetting my 3 sisters, I braid their hair every morning and teach them how to be polite. I have 8 siblings in total, wow! On a good day, our house is fun. On an okay day, it’s busy. On a bad day, it’s just loud.

My favourite day is Wednesday, it’s Women Wednesday (girls’ football, yes!). I get to spend the day with my favourite teacher. And most important, I get to hang around at youth club.

When I get home from school, I get changed into a comfortable outfit. Then I walk there with Fabian, my brother. On the walk there we see the trees shivering in the cold breeze, the leaves ripple up into the air and the sun shines down on my skin.

I take the path through the local park, and that’s when I see my destination: Hillfields Youth Club. It doesn’t look like very much but from the inside there’s a whole lot more to it.

The first thing I see when I walk in is the smile on my friends’ faces. Then I look at the people who really take care of me, Roisin, Lucy, Richard and Harriet. Roisin is generous with curly black hair that makes her look like she’s as fierce as a panther. Lucy is a caring supporter with straight brown hair and glasses perched on her nose which makes her look original. Rich, the music man, who led me through my arts award, which seemed like a mountain I couldn’t climb at the start. And Harriet, the kind lady with cool trainers who’s amazing at sorting out problems.

Even though other people don’t think they’re heroes, to me, they definitely are. When I see them I picture them wearing capes and flying round rescuing people.

Youth Club is an open space where we can have fun and play, where we can share our emotions and feel comfortable. Youth Club is safe.

Youth Club is run by heroes. My heroes.

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