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We've got your questions for the Metro Mayor candidates and we've put them forward to them. We'll update this page with their responses as soon as we get them, so keep an eye out on social media. 

Eli - housing

Marisa - skills

Callum - apprenticeships

Emily - creativity

Jordan and Andy - equal opportunities

Zack - transport


1625 Independent People

  • How will you ensure young people (especially those who are vulnerable and/ or homeless) have access to affordable housing in West of England? Especially those who may be in low paid work/ apprenticeships?

  • How much control will you have over rent rates? Is there anything you can do to make affordable accommodation available for young people?

  • How will you support young people who may no longer be eligible for housing benefit under new legislation yet still unable to live at 'home'?

  • Is there any way you can influence or help young vulnerable people around transport, especially those in low paid work?

  • How will you ensure services for homeless young people are consistent across counties?

What does the Metro Mayor do?

On the 4th May, there's an election for the new Metro Mayor for the West of England. 

The West of England includes Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath and North East Somerset. 

The Metro Mayor is not replacing the Mayor of Bristol or the leaders of the other areas.

They will have £1bn to spend over the next 30 years on three things:

1. Transport 

The mayor will be in charge of planning bus routes, train routes, roads, cycling and other forms of transport to make sure we can call get around quickly and efficiently. This might mean building new transport links, reducing ticket prices or encouraging people to use better forms of transport.

2. Planning

The Mayor will be in charge of making sure there are enough new homes and communities built for everyone who wants to live in the area. This will mean building some new homes on ‘green’ land and refurbishing old buildings and turning them into houses.  They may want to try to help young people buy their own homes or be able to afford to rent. 

3. Skills

The Mayor will be in charge of making sure the people who live in the area have the skills they need to get good jobs. For example there are more ‘creative jobs’ coming to the area so they may invest in training for young and old in these areas.  Another example is there will be 10,000 construction jobs coming when the new power station is built at Hinckley Point.  They may invest in training people as construction workers to make sure people in the area get the jobs when they come.