A dance performance with live music inspired by civil and human rights movements

Rights to Move is coming back!

Join us for free at the M-shed, on 28th October, from 12pm. Drop in throughout the day and come celebrate our rights. Free event, on a drop in basis.

In a democratic land where we have the right to vote and the right to have our voices heard, we see a story of human rights following the path of restriction, control and conditioning.

Rights to Move is a live promenade performance of dance and music asking what does it actually mean to have rights, whose rights are they anyway and what difference do they make?

About the project 

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Young Roots Fund, Creative Youth Network has given young people aged 16 – 25 years old the opportunity to learn about the heritage of Bristol and the role it played in the civil and human rights movements. Young people throughout Creative Youth Network Youth Clubs have been encouraged to talk about what their rights are and why it’s important to help shape rights for future generations.

We're proud to have been working with Tribe Dance Theatre and Rise Youth Dance Company, alongside support from local historian, Dr Edson Burton and Bristol Museums and Archives. These partnerships have enabled young people to create a new, visual and immersive piece of dance theatre that reflects our heritage and the role Bristol played in the rights of those nationally and internationally.

Rights to Move

We are tired and frustrated. Our generation is the first one to be worst off than the previous one. I voted for the first time in this election and that made me feel great, like I actually can change things. That’s why now I want to share this with other people, through dance and stories

Jenny (18)

Journey to Justice

This performance is part of the Journey to Justice programme of events. The touring exhibition focused on the civil rights movement is coming to Bristol in October and we are kicking off the discussion by engaging young people in our youth clubs in discussions about rights all throughout the summer. 

Our Creative Courses are also producing work in photography, film, fashion and music around the theme of rights during our summer term. 

Find out more about Journey to Justice.

Booking for this event has now closed.