My Volunteering Experience

Isla talks about what it's like to do work experience for us, what our marketing department is like and what she's learnt here.Read more

Rights to Move | Shadowing Opportunities and Focus Group

Want to learn the ropes and be part of an amazing production about social justice? Or maybe you're passionate and have ideas to give about civil rights? Come join our team of shadows or our focus group.Read more

Open Call for Dancers and Musicians

16-25 and passionate about dance or music? Work with professional choreographers and musicians to create a new performance about civil rights this summer.Read more

What my East Africa trip taught me about youth work

Each adventure has its purpose. Sandy talks about people's creative energy and ability to overcome hardship in East Africa.Read more

Your questions for the Metro Mayor candidates

Young people put forward their questions to the Metro Mayor candidates. Find out what their vision is on housing, transport and skills in the West of England.Read more

Win tickets to VR World Congress

16-25 and interested in technology? This is your chance to win a ticket to VR World Congress 2017, the place to connect with industry leaders.Read more

Reaching out in the local community

What is youth outreach and how can it help our work with young people? We explain what it is, why it's important and what we're doing about it.Read more

Hard line solutions

What solutions are not considered by the government when it comes to budget cuts? Sandy talks about the time when cuts directly affect services and the number of young people we are supporting.Read more

Open call for actors

Actors needed for production of new writing Eclipse by Alice Nicholas and Directed by Jesse Jones at Creative Youth Network.Read more

Volunteering Opportunities for Young People interested in the Creative Projects

Are you enthusiastic and want to work in the creative industries? Come volunteer on a brand new show and get skills, networks and experience.Read more