Good Grief - Creative Showcase 2020

Our Creative Courses bring together over 80 young people aged 10-18 from diverse backgrounds every term. Delivered in community settings across Bristol and South Gloucestershire, often in youth clubs, we explore difficult topics with young people who use creativity to express themselves, build resilience and develop relationships based on trust with experienced Creative Youth Workers.  

This spring term, we have worked in partnership with Good Grief Festival. Using nine different artforms, we enabled young people to think, talk and learn about grief whilst learning new creative skills. 

The ten week long courses are led by professional artists trained in youth work and assisted by young emerging artists, for whom this is a crucial step into their creative careers.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we cancelled our end of term showcase event and instead we have collated young people's work in this digital space.

Alongside the work from each course which you can see below, the young people have also worked to achieve their Level 1 Bronze Arts Award qualification. We would like to say a huge well done to each of them for completing this term and we hope you enjoy their creativity.

If you love these young people's work as much as we do, comment below! And if you're a young person who took part in one of the courses, tell us what was your favourite thing about it? 

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In this course the participants worked with the facilitators to create a piece of work surrounding the theme of grief. 

The young people explored the theme of grief using a variety of different artistic approaches and printmaking styles including collage, mono-print and stencilling. 

They looked at how different cultures around the world have different traditions surrounding death and the celebration of life.

The young people used a wide range of imagery and techniques to create their own unique work around this theme.

Everyone was very excited to exhibit their work to an audience but in these strange times we hope you enjoy these beautiful prints that they created. 

The Work 

Rudy’s (13) work shows bold stencil outlines and experimentation using different print roller techniques to create geometric shapes within his designs. He also used stenciling to create striking repeat pattern effects.

Daria’s (12) work has a very mythical feel to it, her work is carefully freehand drawn and she creates story like imagery with the animals characters she creates. Daria’s work is exploration of different animal spirits.

Aicha (12) has used collage, mono-print and stencilling to explore this theme and she created very bold, interesting and powerful imagery. Aicha also created a positive message image to make people feel happy and promote positive body image.

Angie (13) created very detailed and intricate work with exceptional attention to detail. Angie used the technique of collage and mono-print to create her own original and abstract designs including a day of the dead sugar skull design.

Ikraan (13) explored this theme in a very creative and artistic way. She began by creating a unique collage, then mono printed her design and developed an element of this design to create a stencil which she then screen printed on to a garment. The process that Ikraan uses within her work to further develop her designs resulted in truly original interesting imagery.

Ilhaan (14) explored contrasts within her work she created a mysterious collage showing light and dark and order and chaos and developed this into a comic style mono print that seemingly tells a story. Ilhaan’s work also shows a very interesting and varied use of colour.

Special thanks to course tutor Natty and assistant Anna. 

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