Build confidence. Explore the arts. Get a qualification.

The Arts Award allows young people aged 11-25 to get creative, develop their confidence, and explore the arts.

The award is a recognised qualification run through the Trinity College London in partnership with the Arts Council England. It is within the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), and has the equivalent points of anywhere from a G-grade G.C.S.E to an A Level, depending on the level of the award completed. There are three levels of the award; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

At Creative Youth Network we offer all three levels of Arts Award qualifications through our state-of-the-art Bristol youth venue, The Station.

An Arts Award can be completed as part of our Creative Courses, Young Artists programmes and Schools Workshops, or it can be be delivered on its own in your school, youth club or other venue.

Flexible. Practical. Respected.

The Arts Award encourages young people to explore the artforms they’re interested in, whether that's film, fashion, music, spoken word, art, theatre or gaming. Within the framework of the award each student creates a portfolio of work, to use as evidence of the skills they have developed. This portfolio can be in any form - a collection of photographs, an online presentation, even a social media page.

In this way, the award focuses on the individual’s strengths, encouraging development and building confidence amongst those with a range of abilities and interests.

Doing an Arts Award helps students to develop a wide range of skills, by practicing their chosen art form, creating and sharing reviews, and working with their community to lead their own projects. Students can also use an Arts Award to demonstrate their communication, leadership and planning skills.

An alarmed looking young man, looking into a piece of recording equipment held by someone out of frame

The Arts Award is a fantastic qualification that not only builds confidence for the individuals involved, but allows for exploration within the arts, encourages young people to have a voice,  provides leadership opportunities and allows the young person to follow their interests and explore their talents.

Emily Bull, Creative Producer


How can I refer a young person onto the Arts Award?

At Creative Youth Network, we run the Arts Award as part of our Creative Courses. You can refer a young person onto one of our Creative Courses by emailing [email protected]. A member of staff will get in touch with you to discuss the needs and interests of the young person. Referrals are free and bursary places on courses are available.

How does it work in schools?

We can work with your school to tailor a delivery programme that works around your timetables, either within classes or as an extra-curricular activity. Your staff will work together with trained Arts Award Advisors from Creative Youth Network to plan and deliver the award within your school.

How many students can be involved?

We aim to work in groups of no more than 16, with a ratio of 1:8 staff to students. We can run multiple groups, meeting throughout the week.

The arts award has been a great experience for me and has given me some great insight into the arts.
Mia Tait, 16

What does an Award presentation look like?

Check out this Silver Arts Awards presentation by Mia. 

How can I find out more?

For more information about the Arts Award, including how we can deliver it in your school, email [email protected] or call 0117 947 7948.

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