About the opportunity

Bristol Dance Futures and Creative Youth Network are looking to support 4 young people aged 16 - 25 who are emerging dancers and choreographers, through this exciting commission. Develop ideas whilst in lockdown and have the opportunity to unlock further funding to make new work.

This is stage one of the commissions to develop an initial idea. After lockdown, there will be an opportunity to apply for further funds to develop the work, whilst having access to studio space and support to do so.

Should you be successful, you will be expected to make a 3 minute film (you can use your mobile or computer to record this if you don’t have a camera) sharing the idea you develop. What, where and how you film is up to you, as long as it sticks within the Government’s guidelines on staying safe during the COVID-19 lockdown.

What will you receive:

This first stage commission will provide;

- £50 towards the generation of your idea

- Support from Bristol Dance Futures

- Access to apply for the second phase of the commission, which will include a larger grant to make the piece, access to a dance studio, performance opportunities.

Criteria to apply:

● You must be aged 16 – 25

● Be a resident of Bristol

● Be at a stage in your practice / career where you can make work independently and on your own.

Applications are encouraged from:

- Dancers and choreographers of colour

- Those struggling, and / or facing barriers to developing professional practice

- Those not in education, employment or training

How to apply:

We’re keen to make applying to this as easy as possible. Therefore, applications can be made by:

- email

- sending a film / audio recording

- completing the google application form

Whichever you chose is best for you, you should include in your application:

  • An introduction about yourself, which should include your name, age and where you live
  • Tell us why you are applying
  • Tell us whether you have an idea you’d like to develop, or whether you’d use this to develop one.
  • Share with us an example of your dance practice to date.




For more info, get in touch with Deborah Baddoo on: [email protected]

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