Our Impact 2021

An Introduction 

Welcome to Creative Youth Network’s Impact Report where we take a look back at our work, it’s reach and tangible outputs and outcomes from the past year.  

2021 signalled the country’s second year of living through the pandemic and our second year of providing much needed services to the marginalised and often under-represented young people of Bristol amidst Covid-19. 

     This is a short quote from Mark." 

– Mark Coates

CEO | Creative Youth Network

We know from a multitude of reports that the challenges many of our young people are facing have been further heightened by the pandemic and our staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that we continue to meet their needs by working in new and innovative ways. This includes moving services online where possible, as well as taking extra precautions when delivering services face-to-face including the wearing of face masks, the use of hand sanitisers and desk booking systems etc.  

If Creative Youth Network could sum up our staff and delivery over the past year in one word, then it would be determination. Our charity has met the additional challenges head on, our staff have continued to deliver first-rate services and the young people with whom we work continue to thrive. So, we are pleased to report that we have met, and in some cases exceeded those targets we set for ourselves at the start of the year. This demonstrates the robust nature of our organisation’s services, delivery model as well as the dedication and commitment of our staff to meet the ongoing needs of the young people with whom we work.  

Information and Statistics

Young people engaged in 2021

6,427 in 2020 and 10,000 in 2019 and whilst this sits below pre-pandemic figures, it is returning to caseload figures we experienced before Covid-19 struck. We have found new ways of working and to deliver our services and this is indicative in these findings. It is important to note however, that a reduction in the numbers of young people has been inevitable with the multitude of lockdowns we have faced over the past two years, although we do anticipate an increase in numbers as lockdowns come to an end and we return to a semblance of normality. Also, of note are the numbers of young people who have experienced a growing need and increased levels of poor mental health, isolation, exclusion, substance misuse anti-social behaviour and vulnerability to exploitation have continued to climb. This demonstrates the increasing demand for our services. 

No of young people supported 

Young people reached through exhibitions, showcases and online channels.

Our sub-contractors also created 212 broadcasts reaching 2975 young people.

For many young people having access the arts as audience members, creators and professionals is hard-to-reach and inaccessible.

Our work at Creative Youth Network enables creativity into communities through our Creative Youth Worker roles, with programmes that enable young people to be artists, makers, and creators, whilst providing opportunities to access arts and cultural venues and events at Creative Youth Network and further afield. 

Our in-house productions and commissions are made for and by young people and their communities, meaning that the stories we tell and voices we share through the art made are relatable, diverse and youth led.  

As participants on our programmes progress, we support access to professional opportunities in creative careers for many whom the sector and jobs in it have been impossible to access. Our work in doing so is helping the creative sector diversify and provide jobs to young people. 

I can’t see the text, but ‘engaged’ is our open access and outreach led by our Creative Youth Workers as well as Comp Ed. ‘Interested’ is Creative Courses, Creative Careers, participation on productions. ‘Committed’ is Creative Futures. ‘Emerging’ is our alumni and number of young people commissioned to make new work (outside of Creative Futures) and employment at CYN.  



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