Programme of visual art, film and animation exploring connection by young emerging artists Oona Chanfi, Tommy Howlett and Dolores McGurran

9th - 14th August

The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG



Creative Futures is a programme supporting 16-25 year olds who are ready to launch their professional career as artists, but may be facing barriers to doing so. Young artists receive free studio space, mentoring, business support, employment as freelancers and a commission to make new work.

Connecting Through Experience is a highlight of our Creative Futures programme - it showcases and celebrates new talent, with emerging artists taking the opportunity to share their work.

Exhibition launch

Join us for a drinks reception, a chance to meet and hear from the artists and to see their work. 

Connecting Through Experience is a Covid safe exhibition, where the numbers of audience members is limited.

9th August, 6-8pm 

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Tommy Howlett - Afloat

A deep insight into the world of loss, grief, and the power we hold to grow from such trauma. 

Afloat is a short film about a Victorian woman who dances across the bridge to find her long lost mother. It is based off a true story of a woman, named Sarah Ann Henley, who jumped off the Clifton Suspension Bridge and survived because of her Crinoline skirt.

Tommy Howlett is an aspiring film-maker in 2D Animation. He has graduated from Arts of Bournemouth in (BA) Animation Production and has created several short films in his independent career.

Oona Chanfi - Roots

Roots explores what it means to have dual identities as a young person of colour. It is comprised of a series of 5 short films each about a different person where they speak about their identity growing up with multicultural backgrounds.

Photos by Jaiquon Jones-Clarke

Dolores McGurran - Stretch

Stretch is a sculptural piece inspired by people’s experience of lockdown. The piece aims to represent both the isolated nature of lockdown, as well as hope, people’s resilience, continued connection from afar. 

The piece aims to highlight how lockdown was not the same experience for all and there was a huge disparity depending on people’s background. A lot of young people or less wealthy people had to lockdown alone and/or in small flats which is a much more difficult experience than someone living with a family and large garden for instance.

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