We believe everyone can find their voice through creativity. Our 10 week creative courses can help you to realise your own artistic vision, giving you the skills, tools and networks to develop your creativity and turn your passions into professional success. 

These course also let you work towards a Bronze Arts Award and at the end of term your creations will be showcased to the public.

Courses are FREE and take place every academic term in our youth clubs across the city: The Station, Hillfields Youth Centre, Kingswood Estate, The Greenway Centre and The Park. Our spring term will be between 13th Jan-27th March 2020.

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Art & Printmaking (11-14 year olds)

Whether you’ve done printmaking before or not, this course will introduce you to new creative processes, allowing you time to build up your skills and experience to carry on printing your designs in the future.

You’ll create prints on paper and products, learning about design, colour, stencil cutting and using a roller.

You'll get to go on a trip to an exciting Bristol exhibition to inspire your own work and be supported every step of the way by a professional artist.


The course gave me a space where I knew no idea is a bad one and the tuition to help me turn those ideas into reality. Josh on our creative courses


Street Dance (11-14 year olds)

Can't get enough of dance? Come learn the foundations, techniques and social elements of Hip Hop and Dancehall.

These are all popular street dance styles of which are in high demand, so don’t miss this opportunity to find your inner dancer!

This course can also help you to complete your Bronze Arts Award.

Music (11-16 year olds)

Love to make music? Come learn new skills and increase your confidence. We will be creating fresh new tracks with you and helping you to write lyrics like your favourite artists.

We can help you develop your vocals and pair it up with some great production skills. You will meet and work with professional musicians and DJs and visit gigs and music venues across the city.

You'll get the chance to perform at the end of term and support to further your training after the course.

Young man singing into a microphone

3rd Space Music

Our Music course is part of 3rd Space, a group of arts organisations working together to support the next generation's musical progression across Bristol. Find out about more opportunities here.

Animation (11-16 year olds)

This course will give you a chance to try out different stop motion animation techniques.

You’ll work with professional film-makers, learn how animations are made and make your own short film.

Theatre (11-14 year olds)

Build your confidence, improve your communication skills and work together in an ensemble. Learn a range of skills, including acting, devising techniques, creative writing and movement. We get to decide what we want to say and how we want to say it, whilst working with industry professionals to push ourselves to create something truly spectacular.

On this ten week course you'll create a brand new show, a story that has never been told before, working together as a group to put on a finished performance for friends and family at the end of term showcase. 

Film Making (14-18 year olds)

Weekly sessions will give you the chance to direct, produce and edit your own films.

You'll work with professional film-makers, learn about a range of film-making techniques and genres, and visit cinemas and film shoot locations.

You'll also have the chance to complete a Bronze Arts Award and screen your film at the end of the course.

I'd never made a film before so I'm really amazed at what I’ve learnt in such a short time. I can't wait to do it again.

Fashion (14-18 year olds)

Can't get enough of fashion? Whether you're a designer, doodler or just interested in textiles, this course gives you the skills and experience to turn your passion into a future career. 

You’ll complete your very own design from idea to photo shoot. You will be supported by professionals to develop your design in a relaxed space and will get to attend events and visit exhibitions to inspire your collection. You will build confidence and develop skills in using sewing machines to create an item of clothing for a festival outfit. You will then get to style and shoot photographs of your creation.

This course also lets you work towards a Bronze Arts Award and at the end of term your creations will be showcased to the public.

The courses have helped me to develop my passion. Fashion teaches me to be a designer, it is my dream to become one and I can see myself improving a lot. Lulu

Creative Showcase

Every course term finishes in a big finale: an end of term showcase where your film will be screened, together with the work of young people from all of the Creative Courses. It's a great opportunity to celebrate your hard work, meet other creative young people and share your experience with your friends and family.

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