Creative Courses Summer Term Showcase 2021

Our Creative Courses regularly bring together young people aged 11-19 from diverse backgrounds, in community settings across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. 

Creative practitioners delivered Music, Dance, Textiles, Art and Animation courses both online and in person, enabling young people to express themselves creatively. We hope you enjoy the uplifting and inspiring work you can find documented below.

Well done to every single one of you for finding inspiration and expressing yourselves and your emotions through creativity!

Want to help more young people get the chance to express themselves through creativity?




What did you enjoy most about the course or the showcase? Leave a comment below.


  • Animation

    From flip books to shadow puppets, the young people learnt a lot of new skills and applied them through making short films. All the animations are experimental, from exciting new ideas. Read more

  • Dance

    Young people learnt new choreography every week, used props and personal experience to develop solos and duets exploring things that weight us down and how to relieve ourselves from them. Read more

  • Music

    Over the past five weeks, the young people have learned through participation. Exploring contemporary music production techniques such as drum programming, using midi controllers to play a variety of software instruments and samplers. Read more

  • Art | South Glos

    This term on the Art Course we have been having fun and learning new creative activities. During our group zoom sessions we have been learning briefly the history of Mandala Art, the benefits of it and where it originates from. Read more

  • Craft and Textiles

    This term the group learned and improved their hand sewing skills and made their own sewing patterns. They learnt and experimented with embroidery stitches and techniques. Read more