This general election will determine what the future of this generation looks like. Are you under 25 and want to make an informed decision? Join us and question candidates across the political spectrum. 

28th November, 6-8pm 

The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG

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Did you know that 33% of people in Bristol are under 25? 

And in South Gloucestershire, it's almost 30%. Still, our voices are not heard.  

It's time to challenge all political parties to listen to young people and implement the change we need in order for this generation to succeed and achieve. 

Join us on 28th November at The Station to question candidates from across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Who is this for?

You don't have to be over 18 to take part in our youth hustings. Your life will be affected by the decisions made by the next government, so we believe it's crucial you get to know what they stand for, what they believe in and what promises they make.

We believe every young person should have the chance to put forward the issues that affect their lives and have conversations with policy makers. So if you're under 25, this is your chance to find out more about each party and what they have to offer.

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Structure of the hustings

We will invite representatives from every political party to take part in this event. They will have a short amount of time to present to you their party's manifesto for this General Election. We'll then break in small groups and have a round table discussion. This is an informal conversation. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, ask the questions that are on your mind and freely express yourself.

Register to vote

Over 40,000 people under 34 have registered to vote in the first two days when the election was announced.

Join us now and register to have your say. 


Did you know:

  • Students can register at both their home and term-time addresses. It is illegal to vote in more than one location, so it's up to students to decide which location they vote in. 
  • People with no fixed address can still register to vote. Find out more
  • Young people who are away from home, on holiday, or prefer to do so can register to vote by proxy or through a postal vote

Have any questions?

For any questions, concerns or comments, please get in touch at [email protected]

I am under 25 - sign me up 


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