YAB – The Courts Youth Advisory Board

The Courts will become an enterprise hub in Bristol for young people and creative businesses, where we learn and share expertise. 

We aim to make this space positive, creative, and inspiring. To keep young people at the heart of the decision making, we have a youth steering group, who will make decisions for the space.

They are creating art, managing events, learning more about the history of the building to bring the space to life and make decisions on how we can make this a valuable space for young people and creatives.  

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Our youth steering group make vital decisions within the Courts redevelopment. The group consists of young people, most of which are aiming to break into the creative industries and want to help create a space for young people and creative businesses. 

Christopher Hendricks

Christopher Hendricks is a Digital Artist, Videographer and Editor. Who has a keen eye for creative detail. Chris enjoys planning, directing and producing for film and would one day like to creative direct a show or campaign for a musician.

Chris has studied Art foundation, Games design, Media and Business studies which helps him with his creative  process and thoughts of how to capitalise on them.

Chris currently works part-time in retail, and is part of the Youth Steering Group at Creative Youth Network for The Courts project. Chris is using the opportunity to help him with marketing experience.

Role at the courts marketing, idea generation, outreach, strategic planning.

3 keywords of my interest : Creative, Marketing & Film editing 

Eloise Chambers

Eloise has a deep love for anything creative which she hopes to express through both her colourful exterior and passionate attitude for new ideas.

Music is her first love, always enjoying listening to others express themselves and similarly expressing herself through poetry and melody, and she aims to have a career in film composition. Having completed a degree in Song writing in 2019 she enjoys writing, singing and playing a range of instruments. 

She loves to thrift and upcycle and makes her own jewellery using crystals, shells and wire, as well as redesigning furniture, sewing, crocheting and painting clothes. Art is another passion as she has many personal paintings curated through experimenting with acrylic and paint pouring and she loves to find opportunities that incorporate what she has learned through digital design courses, such as sign making, calligraphy work and tattooing.

Eloise is part of the Youth Steering Group, has attended many of the discussions, Trips to see inspiring creative hubs and commercial creative spaces and is interested in how The Courts can be a place for visual arts and a space for young people to showcase their work in a variety of artforms, in the café, through music and visual arts.  

George Heal

George works at a PR and Communications agency; he likes to tell stories, engage, and meet people from different places and backgrounds. With a degree in multimedia journalism, he likes to think of imaginative ways of telling those stories and enjoys the creative process, whether that is his favourite being audio, visual or written 

He likes music, radio, podcasts, festivals (a Glastonbury fanatic), reading, travelling, and meeting new people. George likes to learn about history and culture wherever he goes.

Being raised in the Somerset countryside and now resident in Bristol, he loves the West Country and enjoys exploring new places in and around the area.

George is a member of the Youth Steering Group and is excited to find out more about The Courts history and how that can be presented creatively. He is also looking forward to raising awareness about the project and finding creative ways to engage with young people in the area to get them involved.

Hamish Clements

Hamish is a 22 year old graphic designer and creator currently living within the Bristol area. Although most of his prior experience in design comes from an illustrative branding background, he hopes to diversify his creative approach by including more animation/ motion design.

He is also enjoys combining creativity with more of an analytical approach to tackle the underlying concepts which drive visual outcomes - he is therefore interested in also exploring creative strategy.

Beyond design he has a variety of interests including current affairs, world politics, history,  philosophy, psychology and emerging technologies.

Hamish’s role within the courts steering group revolves around gaining experience in providing visual design work for this dynamic real world project. He also seeks to encourage a practical approach within the steering group and believes that all design outcomes should meet the real world purpose of helping young people get into the creative industries.

Lucy Pratt

Lucy graduated lasted year from the University of Bristol in Liberal Arts and now remains based in the city. Lucy is particularly interested in the visual arts and has worked, interned and volunteered with many of Bristol’s galleries and creative organisations, including: Spike Island, RWA, Bricks Bristol, Lougher Contemporary Gallery and now, of course, CYN! Lucy works in marketing and projects for the Shirley Sherwood Collection & Gallery at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 

Lucy is  hoping to learn more about access/inclusion, curation, copywriting and creative production as part of The Courts Steering Group. Lucy is excited to see what will become of this vast project and the impact our youth steering group can make. 

Oona Chanfi

Oona is an actor, filmmaker and photographer. She has recently created a series of short films called Roots which explores identity and multiculturalism as a young person of colour in Bristol. Representation is something Oona is extremely passionate about and through her work wants to focus on people sharing their own personal stories and experiences through conversations.

Oona is interested in documenting the youth steering group's journey through film. Meeting the individuals and seeing the process behind the decisions made.

Phoebe Hughes

Phoebe is excited for the future of The Courts, as it has so much potential as an artistic and co-creating space.

Phoebe recently graduated from Bath Spa University, completing BA Public History and Heritage degree. Phoebe has just moved to Bristol and wanted to be involved with supporting community arts projects. 

Phoebe is interested in being part of the youth steering group and supporting this project to make The Courts an environmental sustainable and accessible place for everyone in Bristol and the South West.

Scarlett Smyth

Scarlett Smyth is a Bristol based Creative Producer, Fine Artist and Poet, Scarlett is channel 4 and BBC New Creative alumni, with her most recent BBC sound sculpture Paradise Island  being featured on the Spike Island open studio radio programme 2021.

Scarlett is an advocate of social change, and is a founding member of a youth advisory panel at Bristol Museum And Art Gallery, where she explores engagement, exhibitions and accessibility for all. As part of her freelance work, she has recently curated and produced a series of Panel events for Bristol Ideas, from Championing underrepresented voices in the creative industries, to the link between social and climate justice.

Scarlett Smyth is a member of the Courts Youth board, challenging ideas around the spaces, and how these could feel for other young people like herself, Scarlett particularly enjoys brainstorming what young professional creatives need right now to pursue what they love.

Will Lapworth

Will Lapworth is currently studying Music Production at Access Creative College in Bristol. Will is part of the youth steering group and the Marketing subgroup for the courts and went on the Go-See trips to visit inspiring venues in London, Bristol and Dorchester. 

Will likes making a variety of music from different genres and is interested in producing music and sound design for film and soundscapes as part of a film documentary and interviews the youth steering group have been planning.

Will’s main interests are Music tech, Marketing and sports.

Grant Thame

Grant is an amateur photographer who mostly uses his spare time taking photographs, Grant mostly likes focussing on unusual things in the places he photographs, but he also takes photos of anything else. Grant also has other skills like, writing poems, which he calls it ‘another string to my bow’ which is why Grant likes learning different things.

Grant have been on three Creative Careers courses at CYN including Photography, Game Design and Photography and Street Art. Which while doing the Game Design course, Grant learned about the original Youth Steering Group for the Old Courts from at the time, Phoebe who runs the Creative Careers courses started recruiting for the youth steering group.

Grants role at the courts is to be an ambassador from the previous steering group, to pass on knowledge from the last steering group to the current steering group. Grant would join in on major meetings to see what is going on and offer thoughts and experiences.


Ryan Bartlett

Ryan has been part of the previous Creative Youth Network Steering Group and was involved in the initial stages of decision making and looked at how The Courts should operate as a building for young people and creative businesses. Ryan was part of group who had meetings with Purcell Architects, researching archives with UWE heritage department and visited many creative spaces in Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Bristol. 

Ryan has been part of lots of Creative Youth Network’s creative projects and has recently been doing some acting courses with Bristol Old Vic. Ryan is currently at college studying and wants to be an Actor.


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