The course looked at the afterlife in a light and imaginative way. What characters would they want in the after world and what do they think the after world looks like?

They looked at how lots of cultures celebrate death and the spirit going to the afterlife, celebrating the life they had and the life that they will have in death to help deal with the grief. 

The Puppets

"On the course I have been making a Muppet Puppet, whose name is “Scaly”, he is a skeleton worm thing. When I was making this puppet I was thinking about when I went camping and my step mum wrapped herself in her sleeping bag and she was talking about ‘Cecil The Caterpillar’, at the end yes it dies but its soul lives on, that’s what my puppet is based on." Rihanna (13)

“My puppet is called Damien, he is a vampire who comes to a village at night and bites animals to feed from because he is a friendly vampire who doesn’t want to harm people.” Harry (13)

“The idea for my puppet came from a collection of my favourite characters. I used Kermit the frog, Winnie the Pooh, Froppy (frog girl), and a normal Teddy Bear.

I linked the colours of my puppet to the after life by looking at the spiritual meaning of the colours - pink, blue and yellow.

Blue symbolises a spiritual guest and peace. Pink brings softness to your life so you can have a comfortable and peaceful death. Yellow is a happy and carefree colour. All together these three colours will create a happy, carefree, spiritual guest in the afterlife.

This is how I imagine my puppet to be, I have named her Margo.” Izzabel (13)

“Meet my puppet, my own Muppet inspired dragon! 

A dragon is a mythological creature known in many cultures, they can symbolise the embodiment of chaos, hidden knowledge and untamed nature.

This could be associated with the afterlife because some would say a fire breathing dragon is supposed to be the gate to hell. 

My dragon is named ‘Jimmy’, this is a fun, outgoing and bouncy name suited to my dragon as his personality is not what you would expect from an afterlife dragon.” Jessana (13)

“UNIDISPAIR is my Muppet Puppets name and they have brightness on the outside despite having sadness on the inside due to loss.” Kaelin (13)

The Making Of

The young people made Muppet Puppets where the mouth opens and closes and the arms are on rods which help them to move. They all had complete freedom of the puppet character design.

Each puppet is made using fleece and patterns that the young people cut out and sewed on the machine before stuffing to make them 3D. The young people learnt varied skills around making the puppet move, how to make its eyes and designing its costume and hair.

Check out the process behind making the puppets. Scroll through the gallery below:

Puppet Making

Special thanks to course tutor Anna and assistant Kai. 

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