Know a young person who needs support to reach their potential? We can help.

At Creative Youth Network we build lasting, secure relationships with young people from all backgrounds, based on trust and the unique needs of each person.

By referring a young person to us, you can help them to unlock their skills and confidence, find and use their voice and enter adulthood with the ability to change their own world for the better.

In our safe and creative environments across Bristol and South Gloucester, we provide:

  • Social and emotional support through our youth clubs and advice work
  • Opportunities for creative expression through our ambitious arts programs and courses
  • Professional training and support for young people looking for careers in the creative industries
  • Access to alternative education, for when the traditional system isn't working.

We work with young people from all backgrounds, so if you know anyone that would benefit from our services, get in touch now.

Following government guidance, we are offering support face-to-face, through telephone, video chat and social media. Our services are ongoing and you can continue to refer young people. Please make sure contact details are accurate. 

Unsure if a young person needs a youth worker? Check out these 12 signs they could benefit from our support.

Two girls in black and white, smiling at the camera

Creative Youth Network has helped me find my voice and figure out what I want to do. I’ve made so many friends here and I can see how I’ve become much more confident.

You can refer a young person into any area of our services. However, most of our referrals are for our Personal Support service and our Creative Courses.

Personal support

Our Advice and Support service can help young people who are struggling with emotional and social problems at home or school, or dealing with issues like homelessness, substance abuse or poor mental health.

We offer this one to one targeted service only to young people in Bristol.

For young people in South Gloucestershire, we offer 12 week wellbeing interventions and positive activities in youth centres.



Creative courses

Our creative courses cover everything from photography and film-making to fashion and music production. They help young people to develop the confidence, skills and networks to pursue a creative career. We cater to all ages and needs, including courses designed specifically for NEET young people.

Young people often use our courses as a gateway into other services, including careers advice and personal support. They can also use our courses to earn credit towards alternative qualifications, including the Arts Award.

To refer a young person onto one of our creative courses, email [email protected] and a member of staff will get back to you.

Wellbeing support

Our Wellbeing Practitioners can help young people under 19 years old with low to moderate mental health needs. Our offer is flexible and we work with young people in for 6-12 weeks, for 30 min - 1 hour per week.

Our wellbeing practitioners are receiving training in ways to improve engagement with young people and families, child psychology and interventions based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The interventions involve teaching young people self-help tools which they can then continue to use later in life. The focus is on present difficulties, and not on the past like counselling or psychotherapy.

To refer a young person in Bristol, please fill in this form or get in touch at [email protected].

To refer a young person in South Gloucestershire, please fill in this form