A collective exhibition of new work by emerging artists, Carlo Hornilla, Tilly O’Shea, Teddy Andraste and Skye Turner.

Having been commissioned through the Creative Futures programme at Creative Youth Network, the work of these artists depicts the resilience of humans and nature, whilst nodding to the resilience needed in current times for an emerging young artist.

25th-28th May, 10:00-18:00

The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG

RESILIENT is a COVID safe, accessible exhibition for all ages and booking is essential. You can book a 60 min slot to come and visit the exhibition. Every hour we won't have more than 6 people visiting at the same time, to ensure social distancing is adhered to. Your health and safety is our priority. Please check our Covid Guidance before attending this exhibition.  

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Amelia in a box, by Carlo Hornilla

Amelia has been stuck inside a box for a very long time. She also has the power to make anything from her imagination become real - so she should be alright, right?

This graphic novel, by Carlo Hornilla, explores the themes of loneliness and isolation through Amelia’s antics as she tries to cope with her prolonged solitude and the raw emotions that come with being alone for so long…

Carlo is an artist, illustrator, abstract storyteller and awkward human being. Their work explores the oddity and complexities of life and emotions through a lens of humour and introspection.

Carlo is also stuck in a box - send help.

A Cure for Cacti, by Skye Turner 

In this mixed media installation involving projected film, sculpture (installed costume) and tapestry, Skye is adapting a natural story of sickness and cure, of desert cacti suffering from epidemics of bacterial necrosis, into a fantasy.

Humans are continually in the process of healing or decaying, never in complete stasis, this is where the story hangs about, with no definitive beginning or end.

Found, foraged and recycled materials see the story translated through different mediums, boiling it down into words, artefacts and symbols then unraveling the narrative anew with tapestry, costume and film.

"A tale of sick cacti

Hot and dry

but hardly lifeless.

50ft, 10 tonne green thumb

Weeping black sap from tiny wounds metastasizing on waxen skin"

, by Tilly O'Shea

This installation touches on the themes of isolation and how we all experience loneliness, exploring it throughout time to discover that it is intrinsic to all of us regardless of our circumstances.

Through looking back at cosmology and how people have always questioned their meaning, to the isolation many of us feel today, this immersive piece centres around different audio, prose and film pieces showing how connected people are, even when we feel  alone. 

Funded by Arts Council England

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