Want to connect with people but don't know where to start? Safe Space is a social inclusion group for Sovereign Housing residents and their neighbours. It's organised by the community, for the community. If you've been impacted by isolation or loneliness, this is the group for you.

Anyone of any age is welcome*, including those with physical and mental health illnesses. We have a focus on being as inclusive as possible. It's an open, drop-in group for all backgrounds. 

Together, we'll organise fun activities, including a range of arts and crafts, board games, "Taskmaster" challenges adapted from the TV show, cooking and baking, and anything the community would like to do together! 

*Children under 11 need to be accompanied by an adult resident


South Gloucestershire - Starting in September, dates TBC

Every other Thursday, 1-5pm

Coniston Community Centre, The Parade, Coniston Rd, Patchway BS34 5LP

Bristol - Starting in September, dates TBC

Every other Tuesday, 2:30-4:30pm 

Easton Community Centre, Kilburn St, Easton, Bristol BS5 6AW



Organised by Jess with support from Creative Youth Network and Sovereign Housing

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