Creative Youth Network is a registered charity based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, in the South West of England.

  • We have a proven track record of transforming thousands of lives and enabling young people to reach their potential.
  • We work with the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people but are open to all young people
  • We create safe and inclusive spaces, where we develop trusting relationships, enabling young people to thrive. Find out more about our work here

As a bigger organisation our IT needs have increased, with many more members of the team using our database and different projects running concurrently, we are looking for a new versatile database recording system that is flexible in its approach, user friendly, accessible on any device, with technical support and customer service support throughout the year and our working day, and future proven to cope with increasing amount of data and users.

We are looking for a piece of software that supports the database and recording needs of youth services organisations, including group work, one to ones, shows and other activities. If you’re a software developer with a program that might fit our needs, please, contact us for a full list of specs. After this we will be looking forward to receiving a quote explaining how your software would meet our database and recording needs.

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