The Ultimate Talent Show. How much can you give away until there’s nothing left to give?

Written by Edson Burton. Made by the young people of Bristol.

The Edge is a live TV talent show that pitches a line-up of raw talent against one another in a contest that will see them pushed to the extreme. Will they find they have the edge or will they fall over the ledge?

Be witness to the madness that ensues. Watch the TV show live on stage, vote for your favourite contestant and help them make their dreams come true, but beware, there may be some sacrifices along the way as you tap, swipe, like and share their destiny.

Expect more highs and lows as we follow the constants on the 2019 finale to, The Edge.

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Show details

Venue: Colston Hall

Dates: Thu 14 - Sun 17 Nov, 7pm

Price: Pay what you decide


The Edge is an immersive live performance that explores the heights and depths of the ‘reality’ fame machine: wealth, greed, and the need to be better than you are. Taking place in Colston Hall Foyer, come and play witness to the space being used in a whole new way as this promenade performance takes you into spaces which have previously been unused for theatre performance.

Led by Creative Youth Network, in partnership with Colston Hall, RISE Youth Dance, and others.

Ages 10+

Please note part of the show will be filmed and broadcast live throughout the venue, including the audience. You will be able to opt out on the door if you don’t wish to be filmed.


Pay what you decide

This show has a ‘Pay what you decide’ ticket. This means you decide the value of your ticket from the following ticket prices: £1.00, £5.00, £10.00 or £20.00.

No booking fee applies to these ticket prices.

For group bookings, get in touch at [email protected].

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