Join us at The Station this April for our latest photography installations. These thought provoking exhibitions are brought to you by Ujima Radio and photographer Olumide Osinoiki . They explore themes around race, the environment and identity. This is one you don't want to miss! 

Where: The Station 
When: 8th April - 30th April 2019 
Cost: FREE
Open to everyone

Exhibition - Through My Lens 

Ujima Radio brings you their exciting new photography project, 'Through My Lens'. An engaging exhibition that sees residents from black and ethnic minority communities look at their surrounding environments and describing their relationship with it.

Through a workshop by the Green and Black initiative, participants were equipped with a disposable camera and asked what they liked and what they didn’t like about their space through the theme of ‘environmentalism’. They were then instructed to take pictures that resonated with them and answered questions digging deeper on their meanings.

Want to know more about how this project is tackling the lack of diverse voices in environmentalism? Tune into Ujima Radio at 98fm on the last Thursday of every month from 10 am-12 pm for the Green N Black Takeover

Through My Lens - Ujima Radio

Identity Matters 

Identity Matters is a series of portraits aiming to shatter stereotypical views surrounding young people of colour in the UK. It highlights the importance of history and heritage as foundations for knowledge of self. Photographer Olumide Osinoiki explains of the project:

"Every image is a personal response to an experience of racist stereotyping. These responses help to reclaim a healthy sense of identity, inspiring and informing others." ​​​​​​​


Are you an emerging young artist and want to exhibit at The Station? Get in touch at [email protected]