YAB – The Courts Youth Advisory Board

The Courts will become an enterprise hub in Bristol for young people and creative businesses, where we learn and share expertise. 

We aim to make this space positive, creative, and inspiring. To keep young people at the heart of the decision making, we have a youth steering group, who will make decisions for the space.

They are creating art, managing events, learning more about the history of the building to bring the space to life and make decisions on how we can make this a valuable space for young people and creatives.  

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Our Courts Youth Involvement Group, were invited to be interviewed at Ujima Radio. They were able to make useful contacts for their future creative careers and learn more about the music and radio industries. 


My name is Eloise and I recently interviewed with Ujima radio about my involvement with the courts steering group and our creative project; to redesign the Old Bristol Court House into a rentable and inclusive space for creative business’ and creative youth to network and create in.

I have been part of the Creative Youth Network steering group for a few months though for some reason I cannot for the life of me think of how I found out about the project and got involved! Though I’m very much enjoying and participating.

By day I work in hospitality but by night I become a creative. I have a songwriting degree and a small jewellery making business. As well as playing music and crafting, I enjoy graphic design, photography, crochet, makeup artistry, painting, illustrating, cooking and general colourfulness. I would really love to get involved in the aesthetic of the building and create a fun, safe and interesting place to be for both business’ and creative youth. I would also love to get involved in the café plans and menu choices in the future of the courts.


My Name is Will Lapworth, I am a 17-year-old music producer who is part of The courts steering group. 

I did an interview with Ujima Radio station to talk about future plans, funding and event information for the Courts Bristol. 

I have been on a few of the ‘go see’ trips to London, Manchester and more where we looked at similar buildings and projects to observe the things we did or didn’t like about those other projects.

I write and produce background music for the Court’s events/videos that could be marketed online for people to learn more about the project. 

I really look forward to seeing how the courts are going to impact creative young people in Bristol, and as a part of that demographic of people it makes me quite exited for the future.

Here's what our young people had to say on the Courts project:

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