The Unity Forum is a place where BAME young people can come together and express their voices and share their experiences in a safe space. It is a place where young people can discuss the matters that affect them and question or challenge decision makers across the city.

The Forum wants to:

  • Provide a racism free space to talk about the issues affecting BAME young people
  • Run youth led campaigns and projects on these issues
  • Link in with the Bristol Youth Council around their campaigns, including organising a BAME job fair
  • Provide training and opportunities for development as needed/wanted by young people
  • Link young people in with other decision makers across the City to amplify their voice and influence decisions


Who: For 13-18 year olds

When: Every other Monday, 5pm-7pm

Where: Zoom (we hope to change this session to be in person soon) 

COVID 19 changes:

  • Youth services have been allowed to continue under the current national lockdown.
  • We will let you know if any changes to Covid restrictions will affect the group going ahead as planned.
  • Young people over 11 years old will need to wear masks unless exempt and activities will be planned to be social distanced.
  • You need to book before you come to one of our sessions, so please get in touch.

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Get in touch

If you want to find out more before signing up, get in touch with Remick or Claire.

The Unity Forum is running again as a collaboration between Creative Youth Network and Bristol City Council.

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