The impact of Covid-19 and lockdown is becoming clearer and it is those who were already disadvantaged suffering most. 2020 has brought with it challenging times and although young people are the least likely to have their health affected, their prospects for the future are the most in danger. 

In this digital conference, we brought together key listeners to hear from young people talking about their struggle and triumph, facing injustice and inequality, and their ideas, hopes and dreams for building a better future.

We were joined by key responders Richard Bonner (President of Business West), Sam Bromily (Cabinet Member for Children and Young People – South Gloucestershire), Cleo Lake – Ex Lord Mayor of Bristol and Deputy Leadership candidate for the Green Party, Paul Smith (former cabinet member for housing in Bristol City Council and CEO designate Elim Housing).

You can watch the conference below and get in touch if you would like to take part in future events such as this one. 

The third will be heard!

33% of the population of Bristol is under 25. Despite this, our voices are not heard.

In “We the 33%” events, we are inviting decision makers from the region to be active keynote listeners and talk to us about the issues we care most about.

Through youth consultation, we identified inequality is on most young people's minds at the moment. In our conference, we addressed racial discrimination, especially in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement, inequality of access to jobs and education for young people, how young people in care are facing disadvantage, and how mental health and poverty affects our lives. 

We talked about our own experiences and we invite you to listen to the videos below and consider what you can do to get more diverse young voices heard, and then make decisions based on lived experiences. 

Creative Youth Network will still be here when this pandemic ends and our services will be more needed than ever before.  Donate now to support young people. 

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