Youth workers have been young people's rock during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this digital conference, young people from across South Gloucestershire are coming together to talk about their experiences, the impact their youth workers have had on them during this difficult time and what they would like to keep in the future. 

3rd November   |   4:30 - 6pm   |   Zoom 





Getting young people's voices heard

One in four people in South Gloucestershire is under 25. Despite this, our voices are not heard in decision making with affects us. 

In “We the 33%” events*, we are inviting decision makers from the region to be active keynote listeners and talk to us about the issues we care most about.

In South Gloucestershire, we come together every year from across the region to share our experiences through our youth clubs. This year, we are joining up digitally to talk to you about our spaces, places and communities.  

We are celebrating Youth Work Month in November, so this is the perfect time to hear from young people directly about the impact of youth services in their lives. We will be talking about and sharing our thoughts creatively about: 

  • Isolation - During lockdown and beyond. Did you know a third of young people 18-24 report feelings of isolation? 
  • Education, training and employment - The pandemic and lockdown has affected our prospects for the future
  • Mental health - In a recent study, 80% of young people said the pandemic has made their mental health worse.
  • Digital safety - We are online more than ever. How can we feel safe and healthy in this environment? Some of us have been excluded from support and education because we don't have access to computers and the internet. 
  • Safe community spaces - We need places where we feel welcomed and can call our own.
  • Equality of access and opportunity - Many young people struggle to get the support they need.

*The name of our "We the 33%" events comes from the fact that in Bristol 1 in 3 people are under 25. In South Gloucestershire, this figure is closer to 1 in 4 - however, to ensure consistency of this series of events, we have kept the same name for this digital conference. 


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