Free, safe and confidential online chat support for young people & parents

Feeling down? Need someone to talk to? Our wellbeing practitioners are here. We work with 11-19 year olds and with parents who might experience anxiety for their children, especially in this time. We can help with mild to moderate mental health issues, in a flexible way. Ask us questions, tell us about you and we'll share information, advice and guidance. 

We can work with: We can sometimes work with:
Low mood/depression Emotional regulation problems
Social anxiety Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Low self-esteem Self-harm
General anxiety Health anxiety
Panic disorder (panic attacks) Difficult behaviours
Phobias (most but not all)
Sleep problems

This list is not exhaustive, so do get in touch even if you're experiencing something different.

How to access this service

Message Hannah or Amelia on Facebook or Instagram and they'll respond and have a chat with you during the allocated times. 

If you'd like regular one to one support, check out our one to one wellbeing support.