"We know this is another survey, but we are making sure that adults talk to you about what you think and how you feel. It’s important to have your voices heard, especially as this will affect young people, so have your voices heard.

We want to know how you feel about belonging in Bristol, in particular about where you live, your school and in your family. Your feedback will feed into an overall plan that will bring together different pieces of work by the Council. We want to support you to look beyond your community and think about the whole city and feed into the Belonging Strategy for Bristol City Council.

The Belonging Strategy is being written about you, so help us influence it. It will feed into and change youth services in the city."

Written by the Youth Consultation Team for the Belonging Strategy

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What does it mean to ‘belong’? Belonging is a sense of fitting in, feeling welcomed and represented, being respected and valued in a group, situation or in a place, a feeling that can enable individuals to contribute and make things happen.