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Support at every stage


Our Complementary Education Provision is a targeted Early Intervention creative programme, aimed at supporting students who are at risk of disengaging from mainstream education.

We work with schools to re-engage pupils of any age back into their learning. This has been set up in a response to the need to work with students before they are excluded or disengage.

Through this provision, they complete a full course in a chosen creative art form, receive mentoring and support throughout, and are signposted onto other relevant youth provisions and one to one workers in their area.

Creative Youth Network are a fantastic organisation to work with! Our students were “blown away” by the experience. One student in particular was able to redefine herself, which was totally beautiful and amazing to watch. The course allowed our students to build a sense of identity and pride and understanding of themselves. Looking forward to the next cohort! - 

Aisha Thomas Assistant Principal for Inclusion - Designated Safeguarding Lead

It is a programme designed to complement the young people’s engagement in education.

By increasing school attendence and motivation for learning, the programme clearly works towards reducing the number of exclusions from mainstream education.

The course was fantastic and gave our students a really positive focus which was so important, particularly with all of the stresses and uncertainty they were facing. I saw a real improvement in the confidence of all of the students who participated, and they also developed a range of technical skills that they can use beyond the course. At one point one of our students had 1-2-1 mentoring to complete the course and she got so much out of this. CYN couldn't have been more flexible and positive to work with, despite all the changes throughout the programme. - Careers Leader at Digitech Studio School Bristol

There were days when I didn't want to go to school, but I wanted to come to the Creative Youth Network session, so it made me come to school. - Sophie



Additional Targeted Youth Work

In addition to the basic offer, we have a variety of youth work which would be on offer to the school / young people engaged. This includes:

  • The Arts Award (with a cost of moderation for the school to cover)
  • One to one targeted youth work
  • Open access youth provisions
  • A morning/afternoon designed around the identified needs of the young people (eg drug and alcohol awareness) facilitated by a trained youth worker
  • Extended sign posting into our open access youth provisions


Please take my gratitude for the excellent and important work you are doing. 
This is one of the few areas of school that J is engaging with at present.

– Bristol Futures Academy Teacher

The programme is delivered over eleven weeks during term time, both inside and outside the school environment. Teachers and parents are encouraged to participate fully to best support individual students.

At the end of the programme, youth workers from Creative Youth Network help students to transition back into school, as well as providing positive activities and ongoing one-to-one support outside of school, through our youth club network and closed session projects nights.

The students selected for the course were all struggling with well-being post lockdown 1. The impact that their Wednesday afternoon sessions has had, has been nothing short of amazing. Children that came back to school anxious and lacking confidence began to rediscover themselves and communicate both within and outside the group.  

Children that had disengaged from learning began to reconnect with their work and more importantly open up with staff that could then support them further as they dealt with issues brought on by Covid.  

The relaxed nature and chilled artistic environment has led to some brilliant work being produced.

I cannot thank Izzie and Nick enough for being able to adapt the course to an online medium, to help keep our children engaged and talking! - Assistant Head Teacher, Bridge Learning Campus 

How it works

The school internally refers young people that they think will benefit from the provision. This can be up to 10 young people per course, from any (or a mixture of) school years.

In one academic year, we look to run 3 x 11 week programmes, from September – July. Each programme engages up to 10 young people for two hours a week, with a commitment to continue supporting the young people post provision through our youth services, if applicable.

We initially ask for a 3 year commitment from the school, in order to build sustainable and long term relationships with the school and the young people. However, there is an understanding that the first academic year is a ‘pilot’ and the school can re-consider the agreement at the end of the first year.

It's really boosted my confidence and how I feel about myself. In the group I can be myself. It's helped me massively - I'm more focused in school. The workers are really lovely leaders. - Molly

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To find out more about our Schools workshops, call us on 0117 204 7338 or email [email protected].

Are you worried about a student and think they need extra support outside of school? Find out about referring them to our advice and support service.

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