Bristol is a young city: 33% of people in the city are under 25. The mayoral election coming up on 6th May will impact the future of young people.

From the recovery plan following the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and transport, to mental health support, knife crime and education - this is your chance to ask the candidates questions about the issues you care about. 

We will be joined by the following candidates:

  • Janey Little – Young Liberals Policy Officer & Women's Rep; Lib Dem Women Youth Officer; Representing Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate Caroline Gooch

  • Sandy Hore-Ruthven - Green Party

  • Marvin Rees - Labour

To be confirmed:

  • Alastair Watson - Conservative

We will update this list as others rsvp and others announce their candidacy. 


When: 26th April, 5:30pm 

Where: Zoom

This event is for young people under 25. You don't have to be over 18 to take part in our youth hustings. Your life will be affected by the decisions made by the next Mayor, so we believe it's important you get to know what candidates stand for and what promises they make.

What the hustings will look like:

  • Candidates will have 3 minutes each to explain to you how they will address issues affecting young people
  • We'll have conversations in smaller groups, in breakout rooms, facilitated by youth workers. These are informal conversations - we want you to be as comfortable as possible, ask the questions that are on your mind and freely express yourself
  • We'll take a vote at the beginning and at the end of the event and see the impact of these conversations 

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