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Can you help a young person to reach their potential?

All young people have unique potential, but many of them will never reach it.

Many live in poverty, facing challenges including low academic achievement, low self-esteem and low aspirations. Some have multiple, complex needs, including homelessness, substance abuse issues and poor mental health. Others have fought against the traditional education system and have become stuck in a cycle of unemployment and hopelessness. All of them need help to take control of their lives and futures.

At Creative Youth Network, we build lasting, secure relationships with young people, offering them advice, support and opportunities to express themselves creatively. 

Every year we provide over 6,000 young people of all backgrounds across Bristol and South Gloucestershire with one-to-one support and advice services, creative skills training courses, and access to alternative education and careers programmes.

We give young people the time, space and confidence to get their lives back on track, and empower them to take control of their future.

Turning a life around is never easy, but we never give up on potential.

As a registered charity, we rely on donations to give every young person we work with access to our specialist services, to provide reliable, consistent youth workers to guide them, and to maintain safe, creative environments in which they can flourish.

By donating today, you can help give a young person the support and opportunities they need to take control of their life and start the journey towards reaching their own unique potential.

Whether you make a one off donation, pledge a monthly gift or choose to support one of our programmes, we promise your donation will make a real difference to a young person's life.

I'd been struggling with mental health difficulties and didn't know what to do, I felt stuck. I had a very negative school experience, I'd fallen out of mainstream education due to difficulties with anxiety and depression.

Here I found a place to call my own, where I'm comfortable because nobody judges you. My connection with Creative Youth Network is a personal one. I feel taken care of. I not only got help to get a job, but I got to talk about my mental health in a supportive place. I also got to exhibit my art, which was great.

Creative Youth Network took me in with every aspect of who I am. Here I feel understood. It's not only my mental health I needed help with, it wasn't only the fact I needed a job or to talk to people. It was all of those things together. I don't think there's another place which offers that sort of specific help that fits exactly your needs.


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