My Go See Experience - by Grant Thame

Grant tells us about his experience visiting organisations around the UK to see re-developed buildings. He's part of our Magistrates' Courts youth steering group and he's here to make sure the vision for the building has young voices at the heart of it.Read more

Our approach to funding cuts

Sandy talks about our approach to funding cuts and how partnership work helps keeping our front line services thriving.Read more

Bristol Children's Charter

We're proud to be one of the first signatories to Bristol Children's Charter, a collective set of principles that we believe in and which will generate a momentum for positive impact on the lives of young people.Read more

The Bristol DIY Network

Are you an independent artist, practitioner or organisation working in the cultural field in Bristol? Find out more about The Bristol DIY Network.Read more

Our Impact in 2017

Find out how we've made a difference to young lives in 2017 and join us for our AGM to hear young people's stories.Read more

Bristol Youth Services Programme

Want to know the youth sessions we'll be delivering in June and July? Come along for great fun at open access sessions, small group work and specialist support.Read more

Temple Records - Lessons learnt from running a record label

We're saying a big thank you and congrats to the young people involved in Temple Records, our youth record label.Read more

A day in the studio with Gecko Theatre

Eleanor talks about her experience taking park in a day workshop with Gecko theatre.Read more

A vision for young people in Bristol

As we roll out the new Targeted Youth Services contract, we set out vision for our organisational culture.Read more

Bristol Young Heroes 2018

BIG congrats to Maisie for winning the Bristol Young Heroes Arts & Culture Award, and to Keanon, our Sports Apprentice, for winning the Action Hero Award!Read more