A Destination for Young People and Creativity

What is the Station?

The Station is more than a youth centre. It is a community which has been built by and for young people - a welcoming and inclusive place, bringing together young people aged 11-25 from across the city and beyond.

Come to The Station to hang out, try new things and make connections. You can simply ‘be’ in a safe space, free of judgement, or we can be one stop on your way to trying something new. Visit us to build your skills, grow your confidence, explore your creativity and access specialised support. Wherever you are on your journey, the Station can help you get to where you want to be.

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Our Sessions: 

The Station is currently open Monday - Friday from 9am to 9pm. 

The courtyard in The Station during a busy event

Hang Out

During the youth sessions you can use the Station’s Chillout space. The Chillout is the perfect place to hang out with friends; it’s like having your own house in the centre of town, with a lounge that’s big enough for all your friends! It's also the best place to meet new people if you're new in the city or just want to be part of different groups.  The youth sessions are supportive and creative environments where you can express yourself freely. And for any problem, no matter how big or small, we're here to help.There’s always someone to meet, there’s always someone to greet; there’s even stuff to eat!…and then there’s MUSIC. The Basement Studios workers on Tuesday evenings are good – they’ll teach you anything about music for free – playing, singing, recording. 


If I were to pick out something specific about The Station, that would be unfair on the rest; it’s just generally great. –Charlie
A happy young man sitting on a sofa, talking with someone facing away from the camera

Advice and Support 

There’s no problem too big or too small. We’re here to listen. You can talk to us about everything from struggles at home and school to difficulties with substances, relationships or finding work. Our youth workers are professionals who you can trust. The relationships we build with you are built on trust and everything is confidential. 

The workers are friendly and easy to talk to, being here has helped me build my confidence up and helped me meet new people. –Jamie
A member of staff helps a young woman to fill in paperwork

You will get our time, attention and support. And if there is something we can't help you with ourselves, we'll introduce you to someone who can. The youth workers keep it safe. They’re different to teachers or parents. They have more time to listen to you and they have respect for what you say. It's easy to talk to them about your problems and ask them for information.

We don't just chill out at The Station – we do lots of fun activities too!

A young person cooking stir fry

This gets me doing lots of different things, helps me explore my interests. For example, we tried yoga for the first time today and I’m looking to get involved in photography. We also go on trips in and out of Bristol, which is fun.

Activities & Projects 

Want to get creative? We have arts supplies for you to use, and we organise graffiti workshops, photography workshops and much more. If you are passionate about art and dream of turning it into a career, you can join one of our  creative courses.  


This helps me meet new people, and everyone is really friendly; there’s a real sense of community, it’s a nice place to come to.  I also get support with CV stuff and practicing my English.  –Sammy


Get in touch 

You can contact us for more information and we’ll put you in touch with the youth workers who run the sessions. 

Telephone: 0117 947 7948 
Email: [email protected] 

We have a lift to the sessions. If you have an accessibility question or want to check the sessions are suitable for you, please get in touch. 

How to find us 

The Station 
Silver Street 
BS1 2AG 

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