We're here for you

At Creative Youth Network, we have qualified, experienced youth workers who can offer you advice and support, no matter what your situation or background.

No problem is too big or too small when we tackle it together, whether it's mental health, housing, family breakdowns or struggles at school.



With our one-to-one advice and support, you can:

  • Build your confidence and self-esteem. We believe in you and we'll go through a process where you'll discover how to believe in yourself
  • Improve how you communicate. We're here to listen, we'll never judge you and we'll work with you on how you can develop trusting relationships with others through honest and great communication  
  • Gain new skills and knowledge. No matter what you're interested in, we'll work with you to discover new opportunities and exciting fun projects for you to get involved in
  • Develop positive social relationships with peers and family. We all need support in developing and maintaining good relationships in our lives. We'll be there every step of the way to give you the advice you need
  • Understand your rights and choices. Under the law, you have a multitude of rights and your youth worker will give you the information you need, which applies to your personal situation 
  • Avoid anti-social and criminal behaviour. Working on emotional intelligence, we'll give you the tools to express yourself and your emotions in a safe way, while avoiding destructive peer groups  
  • Make healthier lifestyle choices. From cooking together, to giving you information on what's available out there to deal with addiction, we'll work together to see how you can improve your life 

I’m much happier with my life now I have a one-to-one worker. I was feeling very lonely and confused and the group I was in wasn’t helping, pressuring me into doing things I didn’t want to. It’s been so helpful to talk to someone outside my family who listens to me. She’s helped me to be more confident and to make new friends.

How it works

Over 12 weeks (or longer if you need it), you'll meet your youth worker on a weekly basis. We are flexible - there's no time schedule you need to keep up with. We deliver our one-to-one advice and support across Bristol.

At the beginning, we'll complete a plan with you to set out aims and goals and what you want to improve in your life. No one's life is perfect and people often deal with more than one issue at the same time - we can guide you step-by-step. 

To get you the best support available, we work in partnership with a range of other specialist organisations in Bristol, including: Brook, 1625 Independent People, Traveling Light and Acta.  

Our partners are:

This service is for young people in Bristol. For young people in South Gloucestershire, we offer targeted wellbeing interventions.

Refer a young person

If you are a professional, parent or carer who wants to refer a young person onto this service, you can fill out our referral form



Group Sessions

Want support but would rather do it in a group environment? Come along to one of our Youth Centres, where you can get advice, meet new people and have fun in a relaxed and safe environment.