The Stokes

Hang out. Discover passions. Get advice.

The Stokes is our youth centre in Little Stoke, where you can meet new people, learn new skills and get support and advice when you need it.

At The Stokes, we're all about the fun. Huge bouncy castle? Check. Famous hot chocolate? Check. We've also got loads of exciting projects for you to get involved in.

The Stokes Youth Centre is open three nights a week.

Want to have a chat before you come over? Give us a ring or drop us a line:

Contact: Jack Fitzsimmons, Lead Positive Activities Worker
Telephone: 07741 659 627
E-mail: [email protected] 


Youth club nights

  • The Stokes Senior Night

    Come and hang out every Thursday from 7-9pm at The Stokes youth centre. Read more

  • The Stokes Junior Night

    Hang out with friends at The Stokes on Mondays. There's plenty to do here - come and make it your own. Read more