About us

Creative Youth Network helps young people, no matter what their background or circumstances, to reach their own potential.

One to One Support

Get personal advice and one to one support. Our youth workers are here to help you.


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Careers Advice

We'll give you one-to-one career support and job coaching advice to help you get into the education, employment or training you want.


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Support for artists

We provide support for emerging young artists, musicians, performers and creatives aged 16-25 years old, empowering the next generation of great artists from all backgrounds.


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How we use your donations

Each year you help us support over 3,000 young people on their journey to reach their potential and live a fulfilling life.


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Venue hire: Kingswood Estate

Our Kingswood Estate site in East Bristol is perfect for hosting meetings, workshops, events and exercise classes. Discounts are available for charities.


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  • Bristol Open Doors

    Get inspired by The Old Fire Station and The Old Magistrates Courts. We'll take you on a journey, through the history of our buildings, straight to our vision for the future. Read more

  • #TalentTakeover Auditions

    Are you a talented youngster with a killer personality and a whopping great smile to match? Come along and audition for our innovative new show. Read more

  • Exhibition: The Paper Show

    Check out this amazing exhibition of 10 artists on the PAPER Arts Mentoring Club. Read more


  • Fashion

    11-16 and can't get enough of fashion? Come and get creative and learn new tailoring and sewing skills from industry professionals in a relaxed environment. Read more

  • Music

    11-16 and mad about music? Develop your skills towards becoming the next rap star, singer or poet; learn lyric writing techniques and gain confidence in performing. Read more

  • Printmaking

    Create your own prints to take home and learn about design, colour, stencil cutting and using a roller. Read more