The 'The Art of (R)evolution' exhibition is an expression of young people on the theme of positive change through protest and social action. The artwork made by young people will include different art forms such as paintings, screen printings, illustrations, posters, photographs, short films, collages, poems, spoken word pieces, music. The exhibition runs until 20th November 2023 at The Station, BS1 2AG. 

On Tuesday 17th October, we held our latest We the 33 event which young people led and hosted at The Station, which was buzzing with creativity and centered around the exhibition. 50 young people and 31 listeners attended to view the exhibition and hear from 5 of our Youth Voice Panel on the change they most want to see. 


Pain and Hope by Inaz Hussain

"This piece is a spoken word that explores a big turning point in my past. The pain I've gone through and the hope that brought me back to keep moving forward. An exploration of mental health and the bonds we make."

TW: Mental Health

Find more of Inaz's work on his Instagram and Website

Also below is an extended version of this film by the artist, titled Rememberance: Pain & Hope. TW: Mentions of suicide

"This documentary covers bits from my past and reflecting on it. Various themes that are covered include mental health, reflection on life, gratitude and appreciation for what you have. Also to be honest with ourselves and find a way to keep moving forward despite everything we have gone through. Share this around, for there are more stories to be told. My story is one of many but still has value just like everyone else. Hope this helps someone watching, listening or reading this. Just keep going and keep fighting."

BBBW by Adam Hall

"The name of my film BBBW stands for boy bullied because of weight. I decided to make this short film to express my mental health through how I was bullied because of my weight and how I was eating the food that I was taking into school as a snack. The message I want to get across to you guys is that do not judge someone who is different as you don’t know what’s going on in their lives. The whole process of the film took me 4-5 weeks as there was so much planning for this film, and I hope you really enjoy it."

TW: Bullying, weight

21 by Charlie Cooper, Tilly Webber, Micheal Spencer and Stevie Gay

A short film about a teenager being sent anonymous queerphobic messages and how they deal with it.

TW: discrimination, paranoia, self doubt, bullying, mentions of food


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