An exhibition by Tom Whitson documenting the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill (Kill the Bill) protests.

The people of Bristol have a proud tradition of protesting against wrongs and standing up for rights. Between March 2021 and January 2022, many Bristolians took to the streets to protest against the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill. Despite these protests and elsewhere, the government passed the bill in April 2022. It is now law.


I hope in documenting these tense, often traumatic, but also positive and affirming protests, my photos can help keep the conversation going about how, as a community, we can resist the closing down of our freedoms, and continue to find ways to speak out and stand up for our rights.

– Tom Whitson

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In this interview, Tom explains the motivation and meaning of the exhibition together with advice for young aspiring photographers.

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About the Motivation Behind the Exhibit

Part of the reason that I documented what I saw as such an important period of time, is so that younger generations can experience how beautiful a protest is. How beautiful it is for a huge group of people to all be feeling the same thing… I think that’s a very special kind of rare feeling.

Advice to Young Creatives and Aspiring Photographers

Find something that you’re really passionate about. Recognise what you want to say about that thing. And then put yourself in a space that feels natural for you to do that.

I think that young people should feel empowered to grab a camera and document what life’s like for them and the things that they care about. Because if they don’t do it, the mainstream media and the other voices that we listen to in this country aren’t going to.

On How Creative Youth Network has Supported His Development

They [CYN] are a really empowering organisation, the people that work there are really empowering because they see that you’re passionate about something and just kind of let you run with that, and provide you with the space and the support to further that thing and develop it and let it snowball.

The Bristol and the Bill exhibition was displayed at The Station from 20th July to 15th August 2022, but you can still view the powerful images via the online gallery.


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