Exploring Diversity in Thought & Diversity of Self

An exhibition by Katherine Sugrue, Rowan Jay, Megan Charlton and Joe Murphy

Life without creativity and imagination would be a very dull and possibly apocalyptic affair. Without the ability to see further than our physical reality, and to see ourselves as more than just the sum of our parts is perhaps one of the most powerful abilities we have as a species. This exhibit seeks to highlight not only diversity in thought, but diversity of self.  

We want to showcase that you can choose who you want to be and how you can possibly get there. Taking inspirations from the LGBTQ community flags and other creative spaces like Dungeons and Dragons and RPG games, where you are able to be whoever or whatever you want, these artists have created concept characters that have special for them as they seek to better identify themselves and to be respected as such by the world around them as they scramble through this very human experience, with one simple question in mind, who are you?  

This exhibit also tries to explore what it means to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community in the modern day and to highlight some of the ways people navigate these difficult social channels, as well as a way to hopefully enlighten a few of you and see that identity and sense of self is far more complicated and fascinating than a lot of people who feel more secure in their identities may be ready to accept. We hope you keep an open mind and an open heart while you are with us. 


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