At our We the 33 event in October 2023, young people expressed their views on protest and positive social action through speeches and an exhibition displaying their artwork at Creative Youth Network’s Art of (R)evolution. 50 young people and 31 listeners attended the latest We the 33 event which young people led and hosted at The Station. 

The event buzzed with creativity through the exhibition itself as well as activities to make new work throughout the evening. Artwork made in advance by young people included screen printings, illustrations, short films and spoken word with more opportunities for creative activities throughout the evening. For the event and the gallery, young people sent in their own art on issues that are important to young people which including mental health, feminism, LGBTQ+, climate change and social rights and history.


5 members of Creative Youth Network’s Youth Voice Panel gave keynote speeches on the issues on which they most want to see change. Georgina,16, hosted the event and introduced our speakers with Izzy, 14, providing translation in British Sign Language.

“At Youth Voice we meet regularly to have our say on issues that are important to us.  

We give a voice to other young people and ask decision makers to make changes for our future….We want people in positions of power to listen to young people and take action as our future matters.” 

Georgina, 16

“The name of my film BBBW stands for Boy Bullied Because Of Weight … The message I want to get across to you guys is to not judge someone who is different as you don’t know what’s going on in their lives and if they could have mental health issues.”

Adam, 18

“I have experienced feeling lonely, depressed, exhausted and anxious. I never want someone struggling with their mental health to be alone.I would like others to know they can ask for help…

The changes I would like to see is more mental health professionals supporting more young people.

And schools to be more helpful and supportive.”

AJ, 14

“I hope to see young people like myself getting the help they need. I’d like to see people noticed whilst they are praying for help instead of only being noticed once they are gone.

I’ve struggled with mental health issues for a majority of my life, and one thing I want to see a change of light in is mental health and the media’s stereotypes of what mental illness is and what it brings upon people.”

Saffy, 14

“There are a lot of things that you can do to help our planet, like cycling, walking, scootering, and lots of other things. You can always persuade your parents and carers to buy an electric car or get solar panels to make your electricity these are much healthier for the planet!

I’m involved with a youth group called Action for Conservation and it’s made me more aware of what’s happening around the planet and able to make a difference.”

Izzy, 14


At our We the 33 events we encourage influential listeners will then work with the young people to implement actions to improve young people’s lives in the region. Decision makers, influencers and professionals in Bristol and South Glos come together to listen to the experiences and ideas of young people. (33% of our region’s population are under 25, with far less of the decision-making authority).

Here are some learning and pledges from our Art of (R)evolution event.

“Young people are passionate and great at sharing their experiences…I will spend more time listening to young people!”

“I've learnt how articulate young people are about talking about their mental health…I will be more proactive in positioning young people and the organisations that support young people in spaces to make/ voice change and ideas in the work we do - thank you”

“That people are creative, expressive & care about mental health & climate change…Feedback to other trustees, share with Government”


The title of the exhibition is 'The Art of (R)evolution' and the theme is positive change through protest and social action. Artwork made by young people will include different art forms such as screen printings, illustrations, short films and spoken word. Some of the topics include:

  • Feminism
  • Mental health and disability
  • Climate change and the environment
  • LGBTQIA+ rights and celebration

The exhibition will be on display at The Station until 20th November 2023 from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday 




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