Dean Tamagno is a multi-disciplined artist, DJ, Music Producer, VJ artist, Sound artist, which are just some of the hats he loves to wear. His primary love is for Techno and he produces under the alias ‘Dmango’, creating dark intimate Techno made to send your fists pumping.

His recent single psychasthenia is out now. He has recently branched into other forms of art to develop and progress as an artist. Exploring the relationship between audio and visuals to be the most interactive ways art can be perceived.

“A Visual Jockey artist (VJ) allows me to communicate my music through Video in a bespoke vision that incorporates my favourite colours, black and white. Using videos collected on my phone to professionally filmed industrial videos of iconic Bristol.”

VJing is just like DJing and allows videos/photography to be manipulated with a variety of effects, in endless creative ways like making local graffiti art come to life. Dean is always finding ways to connect with audio- whether it's to reflect, react or just tell a story with the audio.

Video loops, photography, real time moving Texts are just the variety of things that can be manipulated. With an excellent eye for detail and intense love for music, Dean hates the idea of staying in one art form as a creative.

Dean Tamagno feels confident to express and showcase his art through a month-long social media takeover. Everyone prefers videos so why can't graphic Design/ Album art be created from interactive videos. Dean Tamagno has huge aspirations for 2021 and light of Spotify Artist Canvases; constant demand for the world of Music Videos on YouTube, and the need to post on inescapable Instagram. Dean is working directly with musicians / music producers, capturing their essence and character enhancing presence and individuality. Whether it's a small promo video, releasing a video for a track, Instagram fun content, an abstract music video, or live bespoke VJing, Dean Tamagno is your man.

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