Paradise Island and Bright Grey take you on a poetic journey through the themes of memory, nature and emotional self-exploration.

Scarlett Smyth is a poet and artist currently working as a creative producer for Creative Youth Network in Bristol, as part of a pilot scheme named Creative Workforce For The Future which aims to diversify the workforce and link young creative professionals.

Scarlett generally creates from lived experience, self-exploration, mental health & memory, her upcoming projects include working as an assistant director at Creative Youth Network on a social action through art project, touring from April 2021.

Scarlett hopes to represent quiet voices in the arts - especially those like herself, from a disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Paradise Island

Kick-off your shoes and feel the beaming warmth from memories as they comfort your back, as you are guided on an island of the mind.

Paradise Island is a poetic collaboration between Granddaughter, Scarlett Smyth and Late Granddad John Richard Doughty, Collaged around organically fragmented recordings, from John’s 80s pearl cassette recorder. Paradise Island is a sound sculpture formed from symbolic segments that weave relationship, childhood memory and time.

Paradise Island is a fossil of physicality that can be felt for generations and years to come.





Paradise Island is a New Creatives piece, supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts.

Scarlett Smyth – Writer and Creative Director

Poetry- John Richard Doughty and Scarlett Smyth

Granddad Actor- Alan Leith

Hal Smith – Sound Recordist

Philip Moroz – Sound Editor

Amanda Dorsett – Co-Producer

Abhirami Arumbakkam – Co-Producer

Dom Unsworth – Advising Producer

Crazy Goat soundtrack – Bethany Collinge, Jacob Mason, Scarlett Smyth

Runner- Jacob Mason

Cover Photography – Elysia Evans



Bright Grey

Bright Grey is a poetic journey.

This short film is a journal of collaged footage that has been captured on a walk through a public garden, throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic in particular, lockdown:

I currently do not live in a  property with a garden, this public garden gifted freedom, comfort and nature.

Noticing new, watching animals and plants grow. 

A place of reflection, and area to let your mind meditate, and to let go.

let go of anxiousness, worry and control. 

To live in the moment and be thankful for all the garden has to show. 

Bright Grey was Commissioned by Resource Productions.

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Instagram: __scarsmyth__

Email: [email protected]

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