Predominantly working with still photography the foundation of Ryan’s practice stems from his inherent connection to architecture, structure, space and urban planning.

He is interested in the way in which we all see, perceive, utilise and feel space differently depending on our situation, background, mindset, goal, purpose, interests, hobbies etc. Intrigued particularly in how design for purpose has endless opportunities nonetheless of it’s specificity.

More recently he has discovered how genuinely interested he is in individuals, their stories and their contribution to society. Which in tandem of his connection to space has merged into a labour of love; A personal project and exploration of a thriving independent, uncomputerised, cash only and traditionally trading greengrocers.



186 Gloucester Road

A cat sprawled across that mans shoulders. Is how I will always remember my first ever experience of Pawsons. A traditional cash only, uncomputerised family business at the heart of Bishopston, which has remained largely unmodernised since its opening in 1959. Centred, and long serving a loyal and understanding customer base within Bristol, the manageress Sue is well respected and trusted amongst the community for her top quality produce and very fair pricing.

I’ve been working at Pawsons for well over a year now and during that time I have, through a number of mediums been engaging, collecting and documenting Pawsons as a shop, business and community hub. The project has faced some turbulence in its direction and progression due to the ongoing pandemic which has temporarily remoulded the dynamic of the shop and its typical everyday interaction. 















However Pawsons thrives still and is a definite exception despite issues it has faced. It is as busy as it ever was with people still queueing to get the best of the fresh produce. Against the odds we have (on the face of it) nothing to worry about, for now. With this project I have set out to seek what it is about Pawsons that allows it to survive without any need for modernising.

The images shown here are just a collection of work made so far on this journey, the project in itself still has a lot of leg work to do in my eyes, with more engagement and involvement needed from the surrounding community.




Below is an installation video from Ryan's physical sharing back in October 2020 at The Station, showcasing his journey so far on this body of work. Photographs, physical installations, sound and collections were included within this exhibition.


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