“In case of loss, please return to:” is a selection of poems beautifully illustrated by Alice Barkwell and complemented by a series of creative responses from eight other young artists. 

"These poems were written on long walks, waiting in queues, to sitting at bus stops. I began writing in my notebook nearing the end of my degree.

I was jobless, I felt hopeless, and I was trying to make sense of the world. Writing helped me face a variety of feelings, to capture and pick apart that particular moment in time.

Yes, this visual narrative is a physical journey, moving through fields to shopping centers to train carriages to coffee shops. But it is also a metaphorical journey of my own mind and direction.

A variety of artists' responses to the poems are also within this online exhibition. These examinations into day-to-day life, to internalising feelings of self-doubt and overcoming, all hint to familiar and relatable experiences shared by many." - Alice Barkwell

You can enjoy the exhibition by viewing the album or start the playlist below to hear Alice reciting the poems as you scroll through the images.

In case of loss, please return to: | by Alice Barkwell


Artists' responses






Alice Barkwell

About the artist

Alice Barkwell is a multimedia artist currently exploring themes of belonging, identity, and the pressures of life in the everyday, through creative writing, mixed media and digital art. 


Website: alicebarkwell.myportfolio.com

Instagram: @alicejbarkwellyeah

Email: [email protected]

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