Proud To Be, where all are welcome, and each voice is heard.

In our Proud To Be sessions, you can find a supportive community of other young people who are LGBTQ+, questioning, or allies. It's more than just a club. It is a safe place where anybody can be themselves free of judgment and feel equal in a place of acceptance and understanding. You can partake in several activities. You can:

✨ Do some arts and crafts

✨ Whip up new recipes

✨ Be a part of social action projects.

✨ Dive into board games,

✨ Travel through club trips, 

✨ Simply chill out with friends and talk to our friendly youth workers


Where: The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG

When: Every other Monday 4:30 – 6:15 pm, starting 17th June.


Express your interest

Be part of a home community, and receive support on your journey to self-discovery. 

Get in touch with Zoe: 

[email protected]

07834 520 981

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