Creative YOU

Creativity is everywhere. Opportunity is not.     

We are part of the solution. The secret is in our name. Every year Creative Youth Network gives thousands of young people a taste and thirst for the arts and culture and the joy, life-skills and opportunity they bring.   

But we want more.   

Creative YOU is our campaign showcasing how we, you and the engaged, emerging and amazing young creatives we support, come together. 

We want to reveal how, together, we are ambition, quality, cultural democracy and social mobility in action. 

Every young person deserves the right to access creativity and development opportunities in the creative and cultural industries.

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-      the opportunity to express themselves creatively 

-      their talent, regardless of background or circumstanceincluding pathways into creative and cultural industries 



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Join us by reading and sharing our CreativeYOU report which shows how our work brings opportunities for creative expression and enables young people to explore their talent, regardless of background or circumstance.  

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My Love Knows No Gender: Pansexuality

‘Pansexuality’, originating from the Greek word ‘pan’ meaning ‘all’ or ‘every’, meaning you're attracted to people of all genders; including people who don't identify with any gender (agender).    For me, pansexuality means that whether you identify as woman, man, non-binary or gender fluid; who you are as a person is most important, not your gender. Read more

My LGBTQ+ Coping Tools: Compassion, Control, and Connection

Owen shares his mission as a LGBTQ+ wellbeing practitioner - to equip young people with proacting coping skills that are healthy and beneficial: self-compassion, circles of control and connection. Read more

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“Only when I’m myself, young people get the best youth worker I can be” – why we need LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces

"As a queer youth worker, I am no longer just trying to make youth spaces safe for LGBTQ+ young people who access them. I also am making them safe for me to also be myself. And it’s only when I’m myself that young people get the best youth worker I can be." Read more

Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month

Bradley talks about his personal experience of facing discrimination and kicks off our celebration of LGBT+ History Month. Read more

Support for young people in lockdown

We are working with the most vulnerable young people on a one to one and small group basis. We are here for you. Read more

Why supporting our Chief Executive in his ambition to run for office is the civic thing to do

As we approach Bristol’s Mayoral election, we'll see an increasing tempo to political life in the city. Read more

Support for young people over the holiday period

From 21st Dec - 4th Jan, we are providing a reduced service. We are still working with vulnerable young people we are currently supporting. We will not be providing any other provision, in order to give our hard working team a well deserved break after an exceptional year. Check out the support available during this time. Read more

Support available for young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire - Tier 3

Support for young people is available in Bristol and South Gloucestershire as we go into Tier 3. As key workers, youth workers are providing invaluable support for young people, online and face to face, at this crucial time. Read more

Let's pull the COVID generation back from the brink

Rebecca Ball talks about the holistic approach we need in order to bring back from the brink generation COVID. Read more