For too many young people, insecurity, isolation, and uncertainty are a fact of life. Creative Youth Network is here to make sure every young person – regardless of their background or circumstances – has a place to feel safe, supported and welcome.

At our central Bristol Youth Hub, The Station, we're currently providing weekly sessions for over 250 young people a year who are displaced or in temporary homes. It is a lifeline for the city's vulnerable young people. 

Barton House – urgent appeal 

Around 400 people were given just hours to leave their homes at Barton House in the Barton Hill area of Bristol on 14 November 2023 and are yet to return.  Declaring a risk of building collapse due to major structural faults, Bristol City Council ordered all residents to evacuate.   

Many residents - including around 100 children have now been temporarily housed at a hotel in the city centre - down the road from The Station. Entire families are sharing one room with no access to a kitchen, miles from their schools and the familiarity of their neighbourhood, living off a busy city centre street with no space for children to play and young people to congregate. 

Distressed and uncertain about when this nightmare will end, these families won’t be home for Christmas For these young people, Creative Youth Network is opening The Station (a 5-minute walk from the hotel) on Fridays as a safe place for them. Here young people will get a warm meal, have a space to relax, socialise with peers, and access the support of a trained youth worker, while parents will get a much-needed break  

Help us make January a bit better for these vulnerable displaced young people. £5,000 would allow us to cover the basic costs of a youth session for 3 months, but every donation helps. 

More about The Station – Bristol’s city centre youth hub 

The Station is a welcoming and inclusive place bringing together young people aged 11-25 from across the city and beyond. It is a home for communities of young people to come together in a safe space, whether brought together by interest, need or a desire for change. Under its roof, young people can access support and opportunities that help them with their personal, emotional and social needs. 

A typical week sees around 90 young people attend our weekly youth nights. The demand for these is continuing to grow to accommodate more unaccompanied young people who have often undertaken traumatic journeys having been displaced from their countries due to war, discrimination and famine. Some have not seen their families in years or know what has happened to themOur sessions give these young people the chance to make friends, eat a hot meal and find support.

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