Do you notice any of the following with young people you know?  They could benefit from youth work if they:

  1. Are starting to become isolated and are struggling to maintain supportive friendships with other young people
  2. Are finding it hard to talk to you, and yet are still in need of an adult listening ear
  3. Need safer risks to take and more interesting things to do than you can provide
  4. Have talents and potential that they would like the opportunity to develop
  5. Could benefit from better understanding their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  6. Need the chance to develop more self-confidence and personal agency
  7. Need the chance to have their views and opinions heard and respected by others
  8. Need the chance to counter-balance other aspects of their life, like school, home, family, caring, screen time, etc
  9. Need 'young-person-friendly’ information, advice and guidance with any specific problems, issues or dilemmas
  10. Need a stepping-stone to reach other sources of information and support
  11. Have something positive to offer others, and would grow through being recognized for it
  12. Need a safe and credible space in which to socialize with their mates (and gain all of the above!)

Refer a young person now for one to one support or group sessions at a local youth club.

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